Volume Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes add an extra layer of fullness and definition. It used to be that there was only one style of lash extensions, classic. Now you have choices.

Want a fuller more dramatic look? Volume eyelash extensions may be the perfect choice. Volume lash extensions strike the perfect balance between mega volume lashes and classic lashes. Volume lash extensions allow clients with very sparse natural lashes or natural lashes with gaps to have a fuller look to their eyelashes.

What is different about Volume Eyelash Extensions? To create a fuller, bolder effect, we fan out several thin lashes to create a single lash fan. Each fan is applied to your individual lashes in a way that compliments your natural eye shape.

Your lash technician can apply anywhere from 2 to 6 extensions to each natural lash. This process allows for greater customization. You can have as much or as little volume as you desire.

But won’t Volume lash extensions be heavy? Nope! Volume eyelash extensions are actually lighter and fluffier than classic eyelash extensions because we use a thinner lash and don’t have to use as much adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about volume eyelash extensions being too heavy.

The fanning technique and lighter extensions also allow volume eyelash extensions to outlast classic eyelash extensions, so maybe it’s your time to go bold! Volume eyelash extensions are so versatile you can create any look you want.

Want to just get out of bed and go? Volume lashes will make your eyes pop with minimal work.

Looking for full glam? Add some eyeliner and/or eyeshadow and your look will be complete. No more need for store bought false lashes that are difficult to put on and can fall off at the worst times.

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