Classic Eyelash Extensions

From the moment you open your eyes, you’ll love the look and feel of your eyelash extensions from the Lash Den in Sherman Oaks.

You’ll have thicker, longer, darker and more stunning lashes than your natural lashes provide.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic strands of false eyelashes that are made to look and feel like natural eyelashes. The Lash Extension Artists at the Lash Den in Sherman Oaks attach light-weight eyelash extensions to each of your individual lashes, giving you a natural-looking lash line.

Eyelash extensions are applied one at a time with professional grade lash adhesive. They are a lightweight, comfortable, and natural-looking way to lengthen and thicken your lash line.

Now you can have long, full, luscious lashes without all the hassle of lash curlers, mascara, or unreliable false strip lashes. It really is that easy! Once you’ve tried eyelash extensions, you’ll never want to miss an appointment at the Lash Den.

The Lash Den is the premier place for eyelash extensions that accentuate your natural beauty and leave you feeling like you can take on the world.

Lots of options for both men and women to choose what fits your personality and lifestyle.

Check out all of the Lash Services the Lash Den provides.

The Lash Den hopes to bring each client radiance and excitement after every lash treatment.

Book your an appointment for lash lifts or eyelash extensions today.  


The Lash Den Customer Reviews

Jacquie did amazing natural eyelashes for me and they stayed well and clean, they didn’t harm my natural lashes at all and I love them! I feel done up with no makeup and the maintenance is easy:)


I went to The Lash Den for the first time and am so happy with the experience. I wanted to try lash extensions for my wedding and am very happy with the result. It has been a week, and my lashes still look great. Julianna did an amazing job, and was also great with conversation. She made the 2 hour appointment fly by. I will be going back.


~Taylor A

Jacquie is amazing! She did my lash lift and tint which was the first time I’d done it. My eyes were super fluttery and shifty and she gave me some great tips on how to manage it for the best results. This is the place to go for your dream lashes!


~Alexandra Z

Love this place! They use silk lashes and the results are amazing. I have super sensitive skin and had zero reaction to any of the products used. Also love the chill vibe of Jacquie and her staff. Felt super comfortable and will def be coming back!


~Pia A

You can tell Jackie really likes doing what she does the atmosphere is really calm she talks you through the process and is very kind she takes her time with the process and the results are amazing this was my first time getting anything done to my lashes and I would definitely go again I can’t recommend this place enough thank you for a great experience!!!!


I went to The Lash Den for the first time. It was an awesome experience. Juliana was professional and very thorough in her application and explanation of how to care for my lashes. I am extremely happy with them and would definitely recommend The Lash Den.


~Derralyn S

I recently discovered The Lash Den and have consistently loved my experience here. Julianna is the best, she is meticulous, attentive and always listens to my requests for what type of look I want to achieve. I see her every two weeks for a fill and more than half of them are usually still on. Highly recommended!


~Sharon L

I have been seeing Julianna at the lash den for months now and I only have good things to say. Julianna is truly an artist and master at her craft. She is quick and gentle. I always look forward to “lash naps” after a long week. Juliannas energy is amazing and I love the calming vibe of the studio. She gets the job done right every time and scheduling is a breeze. Needless to say, I will be a client for life.


~Hannah B