Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega delivers drama and also takes your lashes to the next level. Your go to for the maximum fullness and darkest lashes. Our studio is one of the few that specialize in mega lash extensions in Los Angeles.

Are you ready for bold, dark, and dramatic eyelashes?  Look no further!  Whether you’re getting ready for a night out, or just want your lashes to make a statement, The Lash Den’s mega volume eyelash extensions are a perfect choice.

Go Big or Go Home with Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions! Want Vavavoom Volume? You got it! We’ll give you the most voluminous set and create a custom shape for your eyes at a length that best suits your lifestyle or event.

By applying additional custom-made lash fans to each individual lash, we take our volume lash extensions to the next level. Volume eyelash extensions use between 2 to 6 extensions in a fan per natural lash.

With mega volume eyelash extensions, we use anywhere from 6 to 16 extensions in a fan per natural lash. Mega volume eyelash extensions are thicker without adding too much extra weight.

Mega Volume eyelash extensions use a thinner, lighter lash extension than volume eyelash extensions, to achieve a fuller, fluffier look without the added weight to your lash line!

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