Hybrid Lashes Eyelash Extensions

A combination of Volume and Classic lashes for a darker lash line with a more feathered and textured finish. Hybrid eyelash extensions are here, and our clients are loving them!

Are you looking for fabulous, full lash extensions but volume eyelash extensions are just a bit too much? Then hybrid lash extensions are the perfect choice!

If you’ve already tried classic eyelash extensions and wanted to go slightly bolder before trying volume or mega volume eyelash extensions, then hybrid eyelash extensions are the answer for you.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are perfect for people with sparse lashes who want the length of classic eyelash extensions but a bit more volume. The Lash Den’s Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are an ideal balance of classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions.

Classic eyelash extensions work with a 1:1 ratio between extensions and natural lashes. Volume eyelash extensions apply multiple extensions to a singular natural lash. Hybrid eyelash extensions strategically combine classic and volume lash applications across your lash line giving you both length and fullness.

Perfectly dramatic, textured lashes. One of the many great things about hybrid eyelash extensions is how much time they save you! These eyelash extensions give your eyes an extra boldness 24/7, saving you time and stress with your morning routine.

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