Lash Lifts

Would you like to enhance your natural lashes? Lash lifts are one of the easiest lash treatments you can get, requiring little to no maintenance between appointments. The lifting effect lasts 4-8 weeks and each client leaves with a customized curl tailored to their eye shape.

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Eyelash Extensions Sherman Oaks

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Do you like length added to your lashes without too much volume? Classic lash extensions can give you just that – they make your lashes full and add some length while maintaining a natural look.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Are you interested in having your lashes look fuller? Volume lash extensions strike the perfect balance between mega volume and classic lashes. To create a fuller, bold effect, we fan out several thin lashes to create a single lash fan. Each fan is applied to your individual lashes in a way that compliments your natural eye shape. The result gives you added volume and fullness with your desired length. 

volume eyelash extensions sherman oaks ca
hybrid eyelash extensions sherman oaks ca

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Is volume and fullness what you’re looking for without the extra drama? Hybrid lash extensions are it. you will get a perfect balance of volume lashes and mega volume. 

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

If you like dark, dramatic lash extensions that make a statement, we apply custom-made lash fans to each of your individual lashes, taking our volume lash extensions to the next level with even more individual lashes in each fan. We will give you the most voluminous set and create a custom shape for your eyes at a length that best suits your lifestyle.

mega volume eyelash extensions sherman oaks ca

*Client must have at least 40% of eyelash extensions at fill appointment, otherwise pricing may be adjusted.

The Lash Den is located in Sherman Oaks.  We provide the highest quality lash lifts and eyelash extensions

We are constantly educating ourselves and staying up to date with the newest lash lift and eyelash extension products and techniques in the lash industry. We use high-grade eyelash extensions and take pride in our hygienic practices so each client leaves our studio feeling more confident than when they walked in. 

Eyelash Extension Services Customer Reviews

I went to The Lash Den for the first time and am so happy with the experience. I wanted to try lash extensions for my wedding and am very happy with the result. It has been a week, and my lashes still look great. Julianna did an amazing job, and was also great with conversation. She made the 2 hour appointment fly by. I will be going back.


Jacquie did amazing natural eyelashes for me and they stayed well and clean, they didn’t harm my natural lashes at all and I love them! I feel done up with no makeup and the maintenance is easy:)


Jacquie is amazing! She did my lash lift and tint which was the first time I’d done it. My eyes were super fluttery and shifty and she gave me some great tips on how to manage it for the best results. This is the place to go for your dream lashes!


Love this place! They use silk lashes and the results are amazing. I have super sensitive skin and had zero reaction to any of the products used. Also love the chill vibe of Jacquie and her staff. Felt super comfortable and will def be coming back!


You can tell Jackie really likes doing what she does the atmosphere is really calm she talks you through the process and is very kind she takes her time with the process and the results are amazing this was my first time getting anything done to my lashes and I would definitely go again I can’t recommend this place enough thank you for a great experience!!!!


I went to The Lash Den for the first time. It was an awesome experience. Juliana was professional and very thorough in her application and explanation of how to care for my lashes. I am extremely happy with them and would definitely recommend The Lash Den.